The Brain and Artist Behind EA Free Willy Contracting

Meet Willy Don Bory - Contractor. Willy was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After attending the InterAmerican University San German Campus, Willy graduated with a Bachelor Degree in General Psychology and a Minor Degree in Marketing and in Music. Willy decided in the summer of 2003 to move to the USA permanently to pursue his dream of being a Rockstar!! Through 2006-2012 he belonged to the successful Jersey Rock Band named "Tasting Grace".

In 2013 Willy began working as a Regular Painter with Jack Painting in the North Jersey area. Later on that year he worked for Dave's Minor Changes in the Princeton area. In 2014 he worked as a Mortgage Field Inspector. In 2015 he joined Cesar's Painting gaining a lot of experience!! Then the following years he worked for O'Connor Painting, RJ Painting and Prestigious Painting.

In 2019 Willy decided to work with Gallina Contracting which allowed him the opportunity to be in charge of multiple Painting Projects!!

After 9+ years in painting, Willy gained a wide range of experience. Willy decided to make his next move to being an official Contractor and in March 2022 opened his own company named EA Free Willy Contracting, LLC serving the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

A funny thing to mention, in every project we start with new customers they ask my name which I reply is Willy and then they go, "Oh like Free Willy, the movie"... So now you know where my company name came from!!"

Note From Willy:

My way of taking care of any House or Project is simple: I call it mind-set!! Once we start the project I tell myself and my employees "This is our house". And guess what you will get at the end of our projects? Very simple: QUALITY, LOVE & RESPECT to you and your property!!